Hole #1 Par 4

300 Yds. Hcp. 11

This short Par 4 is a great starting hole. Precision is key. Trouble on the left and out of bounds on the right. Keeping the driver in the bag might be a good idea if you like making pars. Do not go long on the second shot as it spells big time trouble.


Hole #2 Par 4

402 Yds. Hcp. 3

Very long and difficult hole. Lots of room here, but watch out for the hazard on the right and the huge tree in the middle of the fairway. Take the big stick and let it rip. Very well protected and undulated green is waiting for the long second shot. A par here feels like a birdie.


Hole #3 Par 3

164 Yds. Hcp. 15

This par 3 looks easy enough, but if you are going to miss the green, miss it short. Right is trouble with a huge bunker, overhanging branches and a green that runs right to left. Left is no better, Out of bounds, rocks and a huge tree that will make you wish you had a chain saw in your bag.


Hole # 4 Par 4

383 Yds. Hcp. 7

Out of bonds all along the right side and a small creek running across the fairway at about 150 yards away. Keep your drive right center for the best entrance to this pretty big green. Club up, this is uphill all the way and make sure you look at the flag color, this could mean a 3 club difference.


Hole # 5 Par 5

481 Yds. Hcp. 5

This is the easier of the two par 5. Keep your drive to the right to have the best option on your second shot. If you bombed your drive you could try it in two, but the layup in the smart play. The hundred yard marker is your target. This green is, again, well protected with bunkers on the left and the right.


Hole #6 Par 3

161 Yds. HCP 13

Como’s signature hole. This is an elevated, two-tier green. Take extra club. Don’t be intimidated by the pond that you have to carry. If you care about your score, stay away from the right side, it will take your ball into the valley of death where there is no escape.


Hole #7 Par 4

355 Yds. Hcp. 9

Small dogleg left. Out of bounds all along the left side this time. The target on your drive is left of the big tree on your right, unless you like practicing your punch shots. One of the quickest greens on the course. If you play it smart this could be a very rewarding hole.


Hole #8 Par 5

536 Yds. Hcp 1

This hole will separate the golfers from the hackers. Start with a good drive down the middle. Watch out on your second shot, hazard both left and right with a long pond. Target is the 150y marker; downhill all the way, so make sure you don’t have too much club. Now make sure you don’t go for the bunker past the green as this is the toughest place to be on the course. Your putt will always go towards the pond. Good luck.


Hole #9 Par 3

131 Yds. Hcp 17

The easiest hole on the course. The difficulty here is the bunker in front of the green; left is the best place to be as you will have an uphill putt. Don’t go right and watch out for the overhanging branches on your tee shot.

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